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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Subject:Until after a while you wouldn't feel anything, and then your body would just burst into fire.
Time:11:12 am.
Mood: excited.
It's AMUSEMENT time!

Post three clues about yourself;
Post anonymously, of course (you might need to log out for a sec);
Let's see if I can't guess who you are.

Ps. You're allowed to tell me if I'm right or wrong :)

Ready.....set......CLUE ON!
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Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Subject:Just Like Heaven.....
Time:2:15 pm.
Mood: energetic.
The Cure......was full of awesome sauce.

The party after.....even bettah.

Robert Smith.....omgGUSH.
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Monday, May 12th, 2008

Subject:Dream as if you will live forever... live as if you will die today
Time:3:13 pm.
Mood: excited.
I AM GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(omgomgomgomg, yes this is me super excited as I haven't ever been there!)
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Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Subject:How well do you know me? (taken by the beautiful cimmorene)
Time:10:08 am.
Mood: happy.
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Friday, April 18th, 2008

Subject:Thirty and dirty....
Time:9:19 am.
If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilariousCollapse )
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Subject:It's Friday I'm in love....
Time:8:17 am.
Mood: excited.
I really dislike going to the dentist. Something about being in a submissive position with my mouth open, at the mercy of a dentist just....freaks my shit out. I had to have some work done which found me with a needle in my gums. ::thumbs down to novocaine::
Good thing I had Cyndi Lauper loaded on the ipod to keep me at somewhat of an ease. Somewhat. Sitting in that chair for a mere half of an hour felt like days. Lucky me I get to do it all over again in a couple of months. :(
BUT! I did get an estimate on whitening my teeth and that made me happy. White teeth FTW!

I hung out with friends of mine that have walked this life with me since grade school this week. It was so lovely to catch up with them. One lives out in Oklahoma, (every time I hear Oklahoma my brain starts chiming into the theme song to that musical. get. out.) and was in Wisco so we all got together over a nice dinner and wine. She has two kids that are painfully adorable! She was always the one that didn't want the kids or the marriage.....and she's the only one out of five of us that has kids! Ha!
We said our farewell and I miss them all already. Every time we get together the cameras start flashing. It's amazing how much we've all grown throughout the years. Looking back at all the photos brings complete nostalgia and is something I wouldn't change for the world. I am blessed......

There's a brand spankin' new Asian Market opening TODAY on Monona Drive! Get your bums out there and support the local vendors! I kept doing drive by's to see if it was opened. Finally, I just went up to the door because I saw a man in there and he informed me that it was opening on Friday! YAY! It looks h0000ge and that is the first stop I am making right after work!

Farmer's Market tomorrow! I do so love this time of year! Must get my bum out of bed bright and early to beat the crowds.

And so dear readers it is Friday. I wish you all a wonderful weekend! ~..~
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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Subject:gl00my gl00m 0utside
Time:2:34 pm.
Mood: excited.
fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 - Dating Free Online

I'm already excited about the weekend and it's only Hump Day! My girlie was up in MN doing a photo shoot all weekend and sent me YUM pics at work. NO FAIR! Now I wanna see her! Soon soon soon!

HaPpY hUmP dAy EvErYoNe!!!

~That's all I got~
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Subject:Bored? Play with me!!!!
Time:3:14 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
One Word Meme
(its harder than it looks)
1. Where is your cell phone? Purse
2. Your significant other? YUM
3. Your hair? Shortish
4. Your mother? AWESOME!
5. Your father? Texas
6. Your favorite thing? Friends
7. Your dream last night? None
8. Your favorite drink? Water
9. Your dream/goal? Happiness
10. The room you're in? Office
11. Your ex? GONE
12. Your fear? Death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy
14. Where were you last night? Dance
15. What you're not? Dumb
16. Muffins? Gimme!
17. One of your wish list items? Home
18. Where you grew up? Town
19. The last thing you did? Estimate
20. What are you wearing? Clothes
21. Your TV? Flat
22. Your pet(s)? Pugs
23. Your computer? Black
24. Your life? Fantastic!
25. Your mood? Happy!
26. Missing someone? Yes
27. Your car? Green
28. Something you're not wearing? Hat
29. Favorite Store? Grocery
30. Your summer? Play
31. Love someone? Someone's
32. Your favorite color? Black
33. When is the last time you laughed? Today
34. Last time you cried? Dunno
35. Who will/would repost? Curious
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Subject:Everything in its right place
Time:10:05 am.
~ Darrell, Brenna, Josh and I have joined a dance class! It's been rather enjoyable and our instructor is just a fistful of energy! I don't see us using a couple of the dances EVER, but I wouldn't mind venturing out to a Latino club to bust out our Salsa moves! That dance is a blast and definitely cracks a sweat!
I believe after this class is over, we will be joining another class which would be a notch up from this one! I have been looking for a nice pair of dancing shoes - so many to pick from!

~ The '08 lineup for Lolla looks fantastic! We will be going this year. We bought tix for last year but got rid of them due to the lack of interest in bands as the time drew closer to going. I doubt that will happen this year. We'll be going down and grabbing a swank hotel so hop on the am0s train if you'd be interested in joining! www.lollapalooza.com

~ Lots of new beginnings from old endings happening all around me. Spring always brings exciting times and I hope to embark on many good times this Summah!

~ A friend, (and co-worker) went to the Jelly Belly Store in Pleasant Prairie and picked me up some belly flops! I am currently eating a popcorn flavored twin. I heart jelly bellies!!

~ The Cure in Chicago in May! YES! So. Looking. Forward. To. This.
Hopefully we'll get to meet up with peeps down there before the show for a day of frolicking ~..~

~ The painting has finished in our kitchen! We ordered the back hammered chrome that will reside behind our sink and the trim should be here this week. I cannot wait for the kitchen to be finished!

~ I got a call saying my hair artist is no longer working at XXX Salon. This comes as a sad surprise to me. :( I finally found someone excellent and artistic. Back on the finding an awesome stylist train.....though I do have three recommendations from friends. I love friends that love hair! :)

~ We have tulips and Crocus's coming up in the yard! I can't wait to go flower shopping! I had some fun help last summer digging up the yard!

~ I have been on hold on this phone call for five minutes and I'm growing very bored of listening to soft static.

Is it 4:30 yet?

I hope all is well and everyone is smiling! I know that I am!
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Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Subject:SIGN UP!!!
Time:5:49 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Check this out and sign up! It's free and you can make money by social n3tworking! w0000!

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Monday, February 25th, 2008

Subject:Yeah I think that I might break
Time:8:51 pm.
Mood: blank.
I just finished the Series of Six Feet Under....


Unfold me
I am small
and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

I have never felt this emotion *ever* while watching a family live, learn, and evolve on a televion show.

I think I need to watch Revenge Of The Nerds.

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Subject:Heaven bent to take my hand.....
Time:1:57 pm.
Mood: happy.
Hello mah live journaling friendlets!

All day yesterday I spent inside nursing a head throbbing headache. I will have you know that it was not alcohol induced. :P Not sure what brought it on, but it had me in bed by 7pm. For shame! I woke up this morning feeling great so lets hope that random pain stays far away.

We only have two more episodes of Six Feet Under before we say goodbye to one of my most favored television families. Ami = sad-face

I'm sure after this evening, I'll be posting about all of the tears that have fallen. Heck, *every* episode has us in tears in some form or another. Not always sad......so much empathy that trails along with that show.

~ ~ ~

And onto random randomness......

"If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad. When you're finished,post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you."
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Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Subject:You know me, I'm impulsive.
Time:2:50 pm.
Mood: loved.
I wanted to watch a movie this afternoon and wandered over to the dvd shelf. The first disc my eyes touched was 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.'

There is nothing more perfect, on a day off from work, than to view one of my most favorite movies.

I know many of my friends don't celebrate this day, but since it's all around us I would like to wish you all love.


I'm off to dress myself for a lovely evening!
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Friday, February 1st, 2008

Subject:"I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek!"
Time:10:21 am.
Mood: excited.
Happy Friday!

Random bits brought to you by the Am0s as she sits bored at work! Yay for Friday!

~Clinton is mud. her trite use of the word 'imperative' had me spitting up vomit in my mouth. and WTF was up with her outfit? That's all I'm going to say about her here on this thing. I don't want to get into political fights over el geigh. I save my rants for Eric here at work, whom I can IM all day and vent to. Thanks Eric!!! :)
~An appraiser came to asses the house the other day, and added on a couple extra hundred ft. that another appraiser missed. Mo' money mo' money no whammies!
~Field trip time with anyone who would like to join! We're gettin' together peeps to go down to Body World's in Milwaukee. This will be in March when it is warmer, but let me know if you'd be down! We want to make it a whole day trip! If you haven't experienced Body Worlds, I highly suggest you do so. It's simply amazing! http://www.bodyworlds.com/en.html
~Dexter tonight! w00000000000000!
~Brunch tomorrow at a nummy place with nummy Women!!!!
~Sunday......SUPERBOWL!!!! Ha! KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be doing anything BUT watching super beefcake men kicking around a ball. I'll be making Chili and perhaps starting to watch 6 Feet Under if we can find it/rent it/buy it before then.
~Totally digging on the Dj Siberia & Bloodlossgirl music Angela so generously hooked up through el geigh. I have my headphones on high and have completely shut myself off from other co-workers!
~It really feels like the first of a brand new month and a Friday....I's be in a happy happy happy mood!
~What is the subject heading on my journal today mean? I've got Sixteen Candles floatin' around in mah noggin. R A N D O M
~Foot rubs on cold evenings are the best. Foot rubs every night are even better. I am truly lucky...... ~..~

The end.

For now.
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Friday, January 18th, 2008

Subject:Now winter dances here....
Time:9:38 am.
Mood: excited.

I guess I picked the wrong weekend to do some traveling! Ah well.....time to get out the snow pants and moon boots! Ha!

Tonight will be spent eating good food, drinking warm coffee drinks and cuddling with some of the greatest Women in my life! I can't wait!

Tomorrow we trek up to the land of Omro and party it up in a small town! I'm looking forward to spending the night in a revised Church! Weeee!

~ Sunday is looking to be a very lounge day as we'll be heading home early ~

Having a Thursday off from work and having to come in on Friday sucks......T-minus 6 hours to go!

(If anyone wants to ride out with me this evening that is reading this, lemme know!)

am0s is out! Have a safe, warm and enjoyable weekend! I know that I will!

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Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Time:9:16 am.
Mood: weird.
Working on weekends blow like big spit wads.

Someone please amuse me.....tell me a story. Tell me anything.

Ready, set.......go!
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Friday, January 4th, 2008

Subject:I am a free spirit?!?!?! ;)
Time:10:10 am.
Mood: happy.
What Amy Means

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.
You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.
You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.
You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.
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Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Subject:Just can't get enough.....
Time:6:27 pm.
Cake Batter Gelato FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, December 14th, 2007

Subject:Taken from the evAh so lovely lollipoptrollop
Time:9:02 am.
Mood: excited.
In 2008, lipf3tish resolves to...
Drink four glasses of vodka every day.
Spend more time with my john waters.
Connect with my inner sake.
Get back in contact with some old tights.
Lose ten stripes by March.
Find a new anime.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Hmmmm....I do so love my vodka, but four glasses a day???
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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Subject:The slightest crystal tear drops
Time:8:53 pm.
Mood: calm.
The cold pierced one of my senses and sent cold water down my already weathered cheek bones.

Shopping at Tar-Jaaaae is certainly not a place to be a couple weeks before a religious celebration. Apparently.

All I wanted for Christmas, (is mah two front teef) was some kleenex, a scented candle, some concealer, and some dark chocolate. Not a good night to sheeeeet shop. Two hours latah and two accidents passed whilst on our way home.

It don't mattah, (just don't bite it) I'm all smiles now because it is now time to watch BSG season two, (I'm behind) and fall deep into the abyss of warmth....

~Nighty to all~
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